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27 January 2008 @ 02:57 am
002: if i weren't so young or stupid or restless ; i might soon forget this.  

Title: Broken
Authror: Janelle ( [info]dancedance_x3 )
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kevin/OC
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Summary: Sometimes good things come out of bad situations.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything - just the plot.

Stevie slumped down against the wood surrounding the sandbox at the local park. She dropped her head into her hands, and let out a shaky breath. She couldn’t handle it anymore – this was the third time it happened. The third time this week, and it was to much to handle. She couldn’t deal with it anymore.
Her boyfriend was cheating. She had caught him with two other girls this week, but couldn’t break up with him. He promised to change – and she believed him. But tonight, he had broken her last straw. When she walked into his house that night, she had been expecting to curl up with him and just watch a movie. Instead, when she pulled open the front door, there was a scream – then it was silent.
Stevie had felt the butterflies in her stomach coming to life as she walked up the creaky stairs. And when she pushed open the door, her fears became a reality. Peter was sleeping with yet another girl.
Feeling the hot tears brimming her eyes, Stevie pulled her knees up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them.
It was going on 1:00am, and her mother had to have been worrying. Unless she was out at the bar on another date. It seemed as if only three weeks ago, things were going great for Stevie. But lately, it was as if she was jinxed. Everything was taking a turn for the worst, and spiralling out of control. She couldn’t handle it anymore.
“Stevie?” She jumped at the sound of a deep voice coming from above her. Looking upward, she saw a smiling Kevin. He must have seen her run into the dimly lit park from his house.
When they were little, Stevie was always so jealous of him, due to the fact that he lived right across the street from the best playground in Wyckoff.
“Hey,” She breathed out, as a single tear quickly cascaded down her cheek. Noticing this, Kevin’s smile faded as he took a seat down next to her. His chocolate brown eyes were full of concern as he looked over at the blonde haired girl.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, his voice soft and gentle.
She hesitated before replying. “Peter,” Her voice cracked. Suddenly, she didn’t trust her voice anymore. “He’s sleeping with other girls,” That was it – her tears started to fall one by one. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. What she needed was a good, long cry.
Kevin looked over at his best friend. The girl who had been with him through so much. She bought him his first packet of hair gel, she ate lunch with him outside during the winter when no one else would. And now, the girl he was in love with was crushed. Broken, if you will.
“Stevie,” He started, his voice trailing off as she leant her head against his shoulder. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around her trembling body and pulled her into him.
Resting his chin atop of her head, he felt her breathing go from shaky, to nice even breaths.
“He’s a dick – you’re too good for him Stevie.”
She sniffed, and ran the back of her hand under her nose. “Then why does he have to cheat? What am I doing so wrong?”
“You are doing nothing wrong. He’s doesn’t know what a great, beautiful, amazing, loyal girlfriend he had. And if he’s just going to throw it all away for some tramp, well he’s not worth it.”
She stayed silent; the only sound was the crickets coming from the bushes next to the sandbox.
“You think I’m beautiful?” She inquired, her voice so quiet, it would pass for a whisper. She pulled away from his grip and turned her body so it was parallel with him. Her eyebrows were knitted, and her cheeks were tear stained.
Kevin opened and closed his mouth, trying to find the right words. He extended his legs out in front of him, feeling the dead grass through his jeans.
The day he realized he was in love with his best friend, was possibly the best day and the worst day. It really depended on how he looked at it. On the bright side – he found a new love. Possibly his first love. The other side – she was oblivious. Stevie was the type of girl who went through boyfriends like kids went though underwear. But when she started dating Peter, Kevin didn’t expect it to last. But it did, as surprising as it was. The two stayed together for months, but everyone knew he was cheating. Stevie was just too hard headed to listen. Kevin knew she just didn’t want to believe it.
He looked down into her bright green anxious eyes. “Of course I do,” He finally replied.
Stevie looked down at the ground, the tears forming in her eyes once again. She looked skyward, trying to keep them from falling over. “Don’t do that.”
Raising an eyebrow at her, Kevin leant forward, bringing himself a little closer to her. “Do what?”

”You don’t have to make me feel better by feeling sorry for me,” Her voice was bold as she regained her composure. Wiping away the tears from her eyes, Stevie stood up from the sand covered ground.
“I’m not – Stevie, it’s the truth.”
She shook her head, as her feet started to move in the opposite direction of Kevin’s house. She knew that he was trying to make her feel better. If she had just been sitting here, all happy-go-lucky he wouldn’t have said that. Kevin was the type of guy to try with all his power to cheer that said person up. He was a thoughtful guy, always putting others before himself.
“So why are you just telling me this now?” She could hear his feet hitting the ground behind her, and soon he caught up to her, falling into step.
“Because there was never a good time. You were always either dating someone, or crushing on someone. I didn’t want to interfere.”
As his words sunk in, Stevie shoved her hands deep into her jean pockets. Her pace slowed, until finally she stopped. They were standing in the middle of the parks soccer field. It was pitch black, due to the burnt out streetlights. But Stevie didn’t care – she had always preferred the dark anyways.

"I think you're beautiful too Kevin. Inside and out."
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Amandaloner_angel on January 27th, 2008 11:49 pm (UTC)
Loved it J! It was awesome :)